What do Playa del Carmen Elopement Packages Include?

Have your wedding plans been thwarted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and now you dream of an intimate tropical Playa del Carmen elopement?

Or maybe you are simply not the couple who fit the craziness of a big wedding, and prefer instead to run away, just the two of you, for a destination elopement[1]?

Whatever your reasons, you are not alone. This year the wedding trend is for more engaged couples like you to turn towards a simpler solution: Eloping in Mexico.

While many countries are still locked down, making large events a logistical nightmare, the Riviera Maya will welcome you will open arms! No quarantine procedures. No social distancing restrictions.

Since nobody knows when the Coronavirus pandemic will be behind us, planning a big wedding around a moving target date can be a pain. So why not just plan to elope in Playa del Carmen?

But you may be wondering what is included in Playa del Carmen elopement packages?

We are a collective of Riviera Maya wedding professionals who will help you plan, coordinate and capture your intimate, and memorable wedding adventure. We will make this easy and fun for you. Read on for what to expect when you are planning a Playa del Carmen elopement.

Nush Abir Blue Venado Playa del Carmen Elopement 27 1024x638 - What do Playa del Carmen Elopement Packages Include?Nush Abir Blue Venado Playa del Carmen Elopement 27 1024x638 - What do Playa del Carmen Elopement Packages Include?

(Nush & Abir’s elopement at Blue Venado Beach Club)[2]

1. Do you want your Playa del Carmen elopement to be legal?

The first step in selecting the right elopement package is to decide between a civil (legal) ceremony or a symbolic (non-legal) ceremony.

What do you need for a civil ceremony?

  • Passports, including copies, for both of you and FOUR witnesses
  • Tourist cards (these are issued when you enter Mexico)
  • Your birth certificates and copies
  • Divorce or death certificates (You must be divorced for ONE year before re-marrying in Mexico)
  • Blood test results, done no more than 15 days before your wedding day
  • Marriage request form

Everything must be translated by a certified translator and notarized in Mexico. Then your ceremony must be performed by an officiant of the civil registry of the local municipality in Mexico.

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